Miss Philippines Nude Photos Controversy Is A Non-Story

Dan Evon

Miss Philippines Megan Young was recently crowned Miss World 2013 but some people believe that she doesn't deserve the title. Why? Well, there are some nude photos of Miss Philippines floating around the internet.

Of course, when I say "nude photos," what I really mean is artsy magazine photos like the one you see above.

The photos do feature shots of Megan Young topless but she is never exposed in any of the images. Also, the images were published in the Travel Edition of Rogue Magazine and not in the dark corners of some seedy pornography website.

So why is this a controversy?

Well, you might remember that organizers of the 2013 Miss World Pageant decided earlier this year to dismiss bikinis from the competition. The contest was held in Indonesia this year and the organizers wanted to respect the country's cultural beliefs. That means that the contestants had to cover up during the contest and wear sarongs instead of bikinis.

The bikini ban was a nice compromise between the organizers of Miss World and the host country.

Chairwoman of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley, said at the time: "Indonesia is designing for us a very beautiful one-piece beachwear, and I'm very happy with them … I don't think Indonesia is the only country that has (a conservative) culture … But we like to work in the manner respectful to every country, and I cannot see why when you go to somebody's country you should not behave respectfully."

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Some people in Indonesia don't like the fact that Megan Young posed nude for a magazine and would like the Miss World pageant to strip her of the crown. But that isn't going to happen. Miss Philippines "nude" photos aren't any more revealing than last year's bikini contest at the Miss World pageant.

Miss Philippines doesn't seem too bothered by the nude photos controversy. She isn't shying away from the magazine spread and she isn't making excuses. Instead, one of the "nude" photos from the magazine is proudly displayed on her Twitter profile.