Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘Gimme Shelter’ Finds US Distributor, Debuts January 2014

Actress Vanessa Hudgens stars in the movie Gimme Shelter which is slated to hit theaters on January 24, 2014.

The movies US rights were acquired by Roadside Attractions just ahead of the Hartland Film Festival. The movie is directed by Ronald Krauss, a famed music video and commercial director. Krauss is best known for his short film “Puppies for Sale” which earned critical acclaim.

Hudgens has attempted to break free from her Disney moniker. After being caught up in a nude photo scandal she went on to take roles in Sucker Punch and Beastly. Both of those films are NOT kid friendly.

Over the last year Hudgens has broken further away from her former Disney days. Hudgens has taken roles as a concubine, a bikini-clad party animal, and even a runaway stripper. In the movie Spring Breakers the actress spent most of her time in a bikini while following around a pimp named Alien, played by the popular James Franco.

In the past Vanessa Hudgens has said she would ultimately love for her career to take a path similar to Meryl Streep. When asked specifically about her goals for the future the actress says she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed. According to Hudgens that “is why I’m very picky about what I do, and I make sure I’m not doing the same thing over and over.”

In Gimme Shelter Vanessa Hudgens plays 16 year old Agnes Bailey, a girl who ends up as a homeless and pregnant teenager. Eventually Agnes ends up in a suburban shelter for homeless teens. To prepare for the role Hudgens spent two weeks living in a shelter. Gimme Shelter is inspired by a true story.

Breaking away from the shackles of Disney often involves drastic steps, just take a look at Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus and their road taken to a Disney-free life.

Here’s one of the tweets that broke news about the Gimme Shelter distribution deal:

Do you think Vanessa Hudgens is making the right decisions with her acting career?