Robert Downey Jr. Given Life-Size Flying Iron Man Model … It’s Awesome [Video]

Just in case Robert Downey Jr. ever forgets that he played Tony Stark/Iron Man in four-plus Marvel Cinematic Universe films, he has a giant, 6-foot Iron Man model he can fly around his mansion to remind him of the glory days.

Gizmodo reports that RDJ was apparently “gifted” a real flying Iron Man after filming The Avengers.

It’s not a leftover flying Iron Man suit prop from the film (that was all CGI, silly). It’s actually a flying RC Iron Man built by master model plane maker Greg Tanous, who is also the proprietor of RC Superhero.

The model is 6 feet tall, has glowing eyes, arc reactor light, hands and feet. Details on the flying Iron Man model’s functional specs aren’t all that forthcoming, and that’s not the only detail about this story that gives us some pause.

Tanous was apparently commissioned by RDJ’s team to create the flying Iron Man model as a “thank you” to their boss for making The Avengers, and that Downey Jr. even called Tanous to thank him personally. While we have no reason to exactly doubt the toymaker, it’d be nice to get a photo of the real Iron Man flying this thing around, you know?

Anyway, this flying version you see in the video above is not for sale. You can get a 19-inch version in stores, and Tanous humblebrags that it’s a super popular toy. It seems pretty awesome, and that’s good enough for us.

Check out Robert Downey Jr.’s real flying Iron Man model above and let us know how bad you want one in the comments.