Alex Wagner: MSNBC Host Gets Engaged To Former White House Chef

Alex Wagner now has a tight source to the White House — her new fiance.

The MSNBC host just got engaged to former White House chef Sam Kass after quietly dating for the past year. The couple went public in August after the Washington Post reported on their relationship.

Kass is now the executive director of Let’s Move!, an initiative spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama with the goal of solving the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation. The organization encourages exercise and healthier eating, and its work has been credited with encouraging fast food restaurants to offer healthier options, especially in children’s menus.

Alex Wagner has been known to viewers as an opinionated host who isn’t afraid of a political scrap. Earlier this year she accused Fox News host Bill O’Reilly of responding to the Boston Marathon bombings with a subtext suggesting the president is a “secret Muslim.” This peeved O’Reilly, who shot back at Wagner and other MSNBC hosts.

Though left-leaning, Wagner has been unafraid to criticize President Obama. After he made overtures toward military action against Syria, Wagner described his foreign police as “flailing.”

Speculation that Alex Wagner was engaged had grown after she was seen on the air wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring. But the 35-year-old Wagner and 33-year-old Kass had keep strategically quiet about their relationship, managing to remain under the radar despite their prominence.

Wagner will likely be able to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest in her new relationship despite her husband-to-be’s close relationship with the Obamas. His White House service included making food rather than policy decisions, and his role at Let’s Move! is entirely apolitical.

Alex Wagner and Sam Kass have not yet announced a wedding date.