NFL Makes Jaguars Remove OW Position From Denard Robinson

As if the Jacksonville Jaguars season couldn’t get any worse, the NFL is now telling the team that Denard Robinson cannot be labeled “OW” on the depth chart anymore.

Denard Robinson was a quarterback in college for Michigan, but the school really used him for a little but of everything. He is an incredibly gifted athlete who can line up almost anywhere on the field.

Entering the 2013 NFL Draft, Robinson was not seen as a starting quarterback. The Jaguars, of course, already had Blaine Gabbert under center and were in no need of a new signal collar. The team liked what they from Robinson in college though, and selected him in the fifth round.

After he was drafted, everyone was curious to see what the Jaguars would do with Robinson. He entered the draft as a wide receiver, knowing his chances of being draft were highly unlikely as a quarterback.

Denard Robinson was labeled “OW,” or “offensive weapon” by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and announced they planned to line him up at wide receiver, running back, and even quarterback 15-20 times a game.

The NFL, originally okay with the off designation, has changed their mind and told the Jaguars to remove the tag. Jacksonvile complied, and Robinson is now listed as a wide receiver on the teams depth chart.

Here is a Denard Robinson highlight reel to show why he’s an offensive weapon:

So far this season Denard Robinson has had 12 offensive snaps with the Jaguars. He’s not exactly the offensive weapon the Jaguars were hoping.

Do you think it’s odd Denard Robinson can no longer be labeled an offensive weapon n Jacksonville anymore?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]