Josh Freeman Could Be Inactive For Bucs Sunday

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Josh Freeman could be inactive on Sunday after being benched for rookie Mike Glennon.

A lot has happened in the few short days since Josh Freeman lost his starting job in Tampa Bay, including an unauthorized interview with ESPN where he said he wanted to be traded. Now reports are coming out of Tampa Bay claiming the troubled signal caller could be inactive for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

If Josh Freeman is in fact demoted to third string, then Dan Orlovsky would move up to clip board duties. Orlovsky, you might remember, played in 10 games for the Detroit Lions when they went 0-16 in 2008.

Has Josh Freeman really been that bad in Tampa Bay? Actually, that’s not really the point.

Josh Freeman has worn out his welcome as a Buccaneer. Before his demotion he was reportedly lazy, one time he even slept through a team meeting. If he dedicated himself he would be a great quarterback, just look at his second season when he threw 25 touchdowns against six interceptions.

Since that season Freeman has not proven himself to be a franchise quarterback, and the Buccaneers are clearly ready to move on.

At this point, the move to make Freeman inactive only hurts his stock trying to find his next team. Here is his interview:

With $6.44 million owed to him this season, it’s unlikely Tampa Bay will find a trade partner, unless another team’s starting quarterback gets hurt.

For now Josh Freeman will have to accept his fate and be as mature as he can. Let’s find out if he can actually do it.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]