Is Whitney Houston… pregnant?

Whitney “crack is whack” Houston sparked pregnancy rumors this weekend after two pictures of the singer looking less emaciated than she has in recent years began circulating.

The pictures both show Houston in performance garb, and both depict the normally very-svelte singer in different poses and different fitted tops. Houston is, however, 47 years of age and very unlikely at this point in her life to conceive naturally. (She did appear pregnant in her “I’m Every Woman” video, nearly two decades ago.) Above and beyond that, she has had a few unsuccessful public appearances over the past year, leading fans to believe her struggles with addiction and substance abuse may be far from over as of now.

So is Whitney Houston pregnant? The singer has not addressed the rumors, but the chances of the tale bearing out are slim to none. One theory to explain Houston’s uncharacteristic weight gain is that she is being treated with steroids to combat a respiratory infection. Another possible reason is that piling on the pounds is often a side-effect of quitting addictive substances- most notably tobacco, but drugs and even sometimes alcohol sometimes spur this kind of weight fluctuation.

Another pic below:

whitney houston pregnant