2010 New York Giants season in review

The New York Giants finished the 2010 NFL regular season with a 10-6 record. 10 wins is the first goal of any NFL team when the season starts, but in this case they missed the playoffs by not being able to beat the Philadelphia Eagles. Those two losses are what kept this team from the post season as both teams finished 2010 with 10-6 records. This one is kind of hard to explain, on paper they look great but it looks like the defense may be suspect at times, and of course many will say they need a better option at QB.

The offense scored 394 points or 24.6 points per game on average. Their QB, Eli Manning, completed nearly 63% of their passes for 4,002 yards and 31 TD’s. However he also threw 25 INT’s and that is just far too many. The running game racked up 137.5 rushing yards per game, so those INT’s really hurt this team. Eli was sacked just 16 times, so he is making poor decisions with the ball.

The defense gave up 347 points or 21.7 points per game on average. They were in the top ten of team defenses in most key stat categories, so this is a hard one to blame on the defense. Their take away differential was -3 as they forced 34 fumbles and picked off 16 passes. They also had 45 sacks. They gave up on average 230 passing yards and 101 rush yards per game.

When we look at those numbers we see that the 25 INT’s really hurt this club. Sure Eli still had a great statistical year, but those INT’s kept them from going farther. Turnovers are a team killer, it hurts their pride and it really gives their opponents a boost. Personally it looks like Eli was the problem here, not the defense and certainly not the coaching.

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