Trent Richardson To Get Full Workload In Indy Sunday

Trent Richardson will get the full workload at running back for Indianapolis this weekend. With Ahmad Bradshaw out with an injury, the Colts won’t be able to platoon the two backs while Richardson learns the playbook.

Ahmad Bradshaw will not play this Sunday against the Jaguars because of a neck injury.

In Trent Richardson’s first game as a Colt he platooned the position with Bradshaw, who actually had the better game. Richardson made the bigger splash with a touchdown, but he averaged less than three yards a carry and was not much of a factor.

Bradshaw, on the other hand, ran for 95 yards with five yards per carry average. He came to life with the added competition of another halfback, and now won’t get a chance to prove he deserves more carries.

Trent Richardson will probably have a great game against the Jaguars. Jacksonville is not a good team, and should get kicked around pretty easily almost every week. Richardson should not be called a savior in Indianapolis when that happens though.

Richardson is a very good running back, and will make a huge difference in Indianapolis. He’s definitely better than Ahmad Bradshaw.

With Bradshaw out with a significant kneck injury, Richardson won’t get the comfort of easing into offense anymore. He was traded less than two weeks and will now be Andrew Luck’s feature back. The play calling for Bradshaw will most likely be simplified.

Do you think Trent Richardson is ready to be the Colts’ every down running back? Will the Ahmad Bradshaw injury hurt Indianapolis.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]