Library on the go – library vending machines

Okay this is a really cool idea and whoever thought of it deserves a raise.

It seems that Polk County has taken a page from the Redbox movie rental vending machine playbook as the Polk Library Cooperative has setup two vending machines at the Outpost 27 Tourism Information Office on Florida’s Highway 27. One machine has DVDs in it and the other has best selling books.

Using the machines is as simple as swiping your library card.

“It just worked out great that we could help provide library services for people in this part of the county,” said tourism official Hank Longo.

The vending machines are actually monitored by computers at the Polk County Library so the workers there can know how to keep the machines stocked before they run out of selections.

via News 13

Here’s hoping that this experiment is a success and they do this in other areas as well.