George Zimmerman In Hiding, Says He's Receiving Death Threats

George Zimmerman said he's been receiving death threats and is taking measures to hide himself when he goes out in public.

The revelation came through a traffic stop in Florida last month. It was reported this week that the Florida Highway Patrol pulled over Zimmerman on August 19 for having windows that were tinted too much.

George Zimmerman told the officer that he had his windows tinted because he's been receiving death threats and needed to keep himself hidden.

Even former allies are turning against Zimmerman. His estranged wife said in a recent interview that George may not have been justified in shooting Trayvon Martin.

Shellie Zimmerman is in the midst of an acrimonious divorce with George, who in June was acquitted of killing the 17-year-old Martin. After publicly supporting her husband, Shellie now says she has doubts about the evidence from that night in February 2012.

"I'm conflicted on that,'' Shellie told Matt Lauer on the Today show. "I believe the evidence, but this revelation in my life has really helped me take the blinders off and start to see things differently."

When asked if she doubted his innocence, Shellie said she wasn't exactly sure what to believe.

"I think anyone would doubt that innocence because I don't know the person that I've been married to," Shellie said. "I have doubts, but I also believe the evidence."

George Zimmerman shot Travyon Martin after a confrontation inside a gated community near Orlando, Florida. Zimmerman had called police to report Martin, who he thought may have been responsible for a recent spate of burglaries in the community.

Zimmerman followed Martin for a brief time, then lost sight of the teen, but Martin came back and confronted him. The two got into a fight and Zimmerman pulled a handgun and shot Martin, killing the teen.

Shellie Zimmerman maintained that her husband wasn't racially profiling Trayvon Martin, who was black, but said she no longer gives her husband the benefit of the doubt.

Some of that is likely related to a recent incident between the couple. On September 9, Shellie called police to say that George was threatening her with a gun. Shellie was on probation herself, and reporting George would have meant she went to jail as well, so she opted not to press charges. She now says she regrets that decision.

George Zimmerman was also released without a ticket after his August 19 traffic stop.