Paypal shutting down accounts of World of Warcraft gold sellers

If you’re one of the numerous individuals with a website selling World of Warcraft gold, then beware, because you could lose your PayPal account any … day … now. WoW publisher/developer Blizzard has complained to Paypal that gold sellers are violating its IP, and PayPal’s response has been swift.

According to this man, Paypal is offering gold sellers one of three options: either stop selling gold, keep selling gold and lose your Paypal account, or fight your case in the courts. Yeah, good luck with that last one.

Gold selling has been around almost as long as World of Warcraft itself. While there are profits to be made in the selling of virtual currency at inflated prices, the practice is frowned upon by most players, who recognize it can harm an MMO’s in-game economy.

It’s not going to be an easy trend to stop entirely, but a lot of gold sellers could be closing their doors in the immediate future.

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