Twelve South BookArc For Air Stand, Save Space, Route Power

Twelve South makes various accessories for Apple products that are both functional and pleasing on the eyes and their newest offering, the BookArc For Air is no different.

Meant to act as a stand for your MBA, the unit features a slot so the unit can be placed in the upright position, allowing for more space saving room on your desk.

According to Twelve South:

Since the new MacBook Air has ports on both sides, a built-in cable manager has been incorporated into BookArc. It routes your power, external monitor, headphones and any other cords behind the back of your Mac for a clean, neat workspace.

Users simply drop in their MacBook Air (11 and 13 inch systems) and voila, a fully operational dock with space saving capabilities.

While I don’t see myself turning a Macbook Air into a desktop system, it’s still a nice option for users who have ditched their desktops all together.

The BookArc will be on sale soon for $39.99.