8 Awesome Videogame Cross Stitch Projects

Cross stitching, the art of of, err, stitching crosses, is a boon to gamers with a creative touch. Thanks to its rigid grid layout, this traditional craft lends itself perfectly to recreating pixelated scenes from awesome retro games. Here are eight of the most epic videogame cross stitch projects I've encountered:

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Stitched byRayna Fahey)This incredible cross stitched map from Super Mario Bros 3 contains roughly 50,000 stitches, and comes in at a respectable 28cm x 34cm. Check out the close-ups!

Metal Gear Solid (Stitched by Andrea)Only one color is used in this terrific cross stitch of Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake, but simple is beautiful in this case. This iconic piece of game art was for the original game on PSone.

Mega Man 7(Stitched by LiquidKarma)Meanwhile, this Mega Man 7 masterpiece is the exact opposite: bursting with vibrant colors.

Snatcher(Stitched byklammyq)Here's an obscure one: this Snatcher cushion took creator 'klammyq' two years to complete, and around 26,000 stitches.

Super Mario Bros.(Stitched by sgoheen06)This colossal (150cm x 60cm!) recreation of a (fictitious) Super Mario Bros. level took around 200 hours to complete, and 397 yards of thread! It contains 'just under' 50,000 stitches, and even boasts some metallic gold accents for a classy finishing touch. Make sure you go HERE to see a far bigger version!

Super Punch-Out!!(Stitched bySewsew-a-Gogo)An absolutely knock-out cross stitch next, based on the SNES's pugilistic boxing game:

Super Street Fighter II(Stitched by StitchPleaseMD)This 23-color Super Street Fighter II cross stitch features the character select screen we old, fusty gamers know and love. This piece is actually for sale at Etsy (HERE) for $100, if you feel like treating yourself (or me. Treating me is fine also).

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past(Stitched byServotron)Zelda is surely the most popular franchise with cross stitchers, so it seems fitting to end on this awesome cross stitch of the map in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.