Walmart Good Samaritan Hides $100 Bills In Groceries

Attention all Walmart shoppers: A good Samaritan has been leaving $100 bills in various items around the store.

Yes, it’s true! According to Newsy, store managers in Salem Oregon say shoppers have found $100 bills tucked away in not only various items around the store, but in their carts and shopping bags.

Today continued on to say that Walmart wasn’t the only store hit by this good Samaritan. A Fred Meyer store in Salem, Oregon also reported shoppers finding cash in their groceries.

“I opened it up and a $100 bill fell out, just like that,” a male shopper identifying himself as “Phil” told Today Wednesday after finding the money in a box of cookies.

“There were three boxes left, so I turned them over and lo and behold, there was another $100 bill.”

Another shopper told Today, “When we got home, they were getting their ice cream and lo and behold, they come running out and were like, ‘We found a hundred dollars.’ I’m like, ‘What? This cannot be real.”’

According to Newsy, customers reported finding more than $2,000 in their groceries.

For a while, there were no lead as to who was leaving these $100 bills all around town, but KPTV has reported that the mystery has been solved.

Local radio station 98.7 The Bull has come forward to take responsibility for the hidden money.

KPTV stated that the money found around town was part of a promotion called the $1,000 Cash Cow.

“The station is giving listeners a chance to win up to $1,000 through an on-air promotion at various times throughout the day.

“The hidden $100 bills is just an offshoot of that, according to assistant program director B-Dub.”

B-Dub said he started hiding the money last week in various places at various locations and still plans to keep doing it in the weeks to come.

The Walmart good Samaritan, now identified as B-Dub from 98.7 The Bull say that the station just wanted to do some good and make the day of whoever was lucky enough to find the hidden bills.

[Image via Shutterstock/vitma]