2010 Jacksonville Jaguars season in review

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished the 2010 NFL regular season with an 8-8 record which was a little bit better than the 7-9 record they finished with in 2009. They feel like a team that is stuck trying to get over the hump, and many wonder if they have the right QB to do just that. Sometimes I wonder if they have the right Head Coach to get them over the hump. Something is clearly missing for this team which is pretty good, but pretty good in the NFL merely means a team that didn’t finish with a losing record.

The offense isn’t great, but it is not horrible either. They scored 353 points or 22.1 points per game on average. QB David Garrard saw the most action at the QB spot and he completed 64.5% of his passes for 2,734 yards, 23 TD’s, and 15 INT’s. Really those are ok numbers, and the running game backed him up with 149.7 ground yards per game on average. David was sacked 33 times and that is a little high.

The defense is where I see the problems. They gave up 419 points, or 26.2 points per game on average. That is a lot, and when we look at the amount of offense they allowed by; 262.1 passing yards and 121.6 rushing yards per game on average. We see that this team had a hard time slowing down their opponents. Their take away differential was -15 one of the worst in the NFL. Their defense forced just 8 fumbles and picked off just 13 passes. They also had 26 sacks.

It seems clear from these numbers that the defense is the problem here and I hope that the Jaguars use the 16th overall pick in the first round of the coming NFL draft to get a playmaker for their defense. Sure they may feel they need a new QB, but I think drafting one there would be a big mistake.

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