Jeff Fisher out as Tennessee Titans Head Coach

This is a very strange story, when a NFL team fires their head coach at the end of January something weird is going on. Tennessee Titans owner, Bud Adams, apparently had decided that the days of Vince Young were over and he and the Titans were going to move forward without him and with Head Coach Jeff Fisher. Then Bud went all Al Davis and apparently fired Jeff or something.

Now let us set the record straight here. Jeff is a very good coach, but I don’t know how great he is. In 16 years with this team he averaged a 9-7 record. Now horrible but not really great either. Let us also not forget that he has a losing record in the playoffs, and in all his time with this team they have only made it to the big dance once.

This move is really weird as all of the other 31 jobs seemingly have been filled. Could this start a domino effect where a few teams decide to dump the guys they got to pursue Fisher? Well, the answer is maybe. The Houston Texans may take a long look at Fisher, but I think he will take a year off and do TV. Maybe take a Coordinator job, and then find a team after the labor strife settles down and things return to normal.

What this means for Vince Young is another story. During the season that was the conflict that really sunk this team and it was clear that one of them would have to go. Adams apparently had decided Young was out, but now Jeff is out and we will have to wait and see how the rest of this plays out.

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