Indonesian State wants to tag AIDS patients with RFID tags

The Indonesian State of Papua is preparing to pass a new law that will require some HIV/AIDS patients to be implanted with RFID chips.

Under the proposal, patients who had shown "actively sexual behavior" could be implanted with the RFID chip to monitor their activity.

Lawmaker John Manangsang told Reuters: "It's a simple technology. A signal from the microchip will track their movements and this will be received by monitoring authorities." If a patient with HIV/AIDS was found to have infected a healthy person, there would be a penalty.

The Jakarta Post newspaper the head of Papua's National AIDS Commission as saying the plan violated human rights. The Indonesian Government claims that the number of HIV/AIDS cases in Papua is 20 times the national average.

I have to agree with Gizmodo on this: "I wonder if his plan B is just putting them in camps or shoot them straight away."