Texting And Driving: New York Governor Lays Down The Law For Distracted Drivers

Texting and driving in New York could be a thing of the past as Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning on setting up texting zones throughout the state. For the safety of all, this is actually a great idea.

New York City alone is known for its driving issues, to the point where it might actually be safer just to take a cab where you want to go. Add drivers texting at the wheel to the equation and you have a ready-made recipe for disaster.

In order to cut down on the dangerous behavior, New York is expected to have a somewhat more lenient form of accommodation than the Illinois law which bans having a phone in your hand at all while you drive, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Apparently parking SUVs on the side of the road specifically to catch people in the act of texting and driving in New York wasn't enough. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is apparently aware that drivers will continue to endanger themselves and everyone else, so he offers an alternative:

If you must text behind the wheel, park first.

The texting zones being proposed aren't just random areas either, as they will be designated rest stops and Park and Ride facilities, places where people generally stop anyway. The only thing you'll see on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere is a sign telling you how far you are from a texting zone. This at least eliminates the possibility of having to stop where there is nobody around to witness potential carjackings or worse.

The culprits who made this change in the law necessary are not all teenagers, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, as adults have been reported to be worse with texting and driving than the younger drivers. This may come from familiarity behind the wheel leading to just being overconfident.

All in all, the Governor is now adding texting zones in order to cut down on texting and driving in New York, and hopefully making the state's roads a little safer.