Kurt Russell Is No Stranger To 'Fast And Furious' Action

As fans around the world well know by now, actor Kurt Russell will be a part of the next Fast and Furious movie. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vin Diesel teased a set photo on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

The film, currently in production, is the seventh of the franchise and features Diesel reprising his role as wheelman Dominic Toretto. Details surrounding Russell's role are scarce, save for what the star let slip when talking The Art of the Steal with Moviefone.

"Well, I was down in Atlanta, I'd just gone down there to work with a writer. I was doing Fast & Furious 7, and they're having some fun with taking a look at this new character who, at the end of it, I think we probably are gonna kill off," Russell said.

Whatever his role, fans can rest assured he will shine. Although his action pedigree is decades long, Russell might not be as well known to the Fast and Furious franchise's younger fans. After all, other than Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, Kurt Russell hasn't seen much action in more than a decade. There was the disaster drama Poseidon in 2006 (emphasis on "disaster"), kids hero comedy Sky High in 2005, and hockey drama Miracle in 2004. Not exactly rocket-fueled stuff. His last truly high-octane flick was 3000 Miles to Graceland in 2001.

Talking hard and hitting harder. A joke on his lips and a finger on the trigger. Taking names and kicking ass.

This is Kurt Russell's milieu. This is where he belongs. Hopefully, this is what we'll see in the next Fast and Furious flick. Kurt Russell is action and it's about time he returned to what he does best.