Todd Helton Gets A Horse, Hits A Home Run In Final Game At Coors Field

Wednesday night Todd Helton played his final home game as a Colorado Rocky. The team celebrated the occasion by presenting Helton with a Horse before the first pitch. Helton thanked Colorado by hitting a home run in his first at bat.

Todd Helton has played all 17 of his Major League Baseball seasons as a Colorado Rocky. Over that incredible span he has hit 369 home runs and has a career.317 batting average. His place in the Hall of Fame should be waiting for him.

Colorado showed their appreciation for Helton on Wednesday with an odd gift, a horse. It’s fitting gift though, for the “horse” of the franchise. A “horse” in baseball terms is the player a team relies on to always show up and always give 110 percent.

Whether he planned it or not, Todd Helton’s home run in his first at bat was the best thank you he could have given Colorado in return. Not only did it give the Rockies a 2-0 lead, it encompassed everything Helton has meant for baseball a mile high.

When Todd Helton learned he had a degenerative back condition in 2010, he decided he wanted to play for three more years, all with Colorado.

Mission accomplished.

Now Todd Helton can relax in retirement, knowing he gave his all to one sport and one city. It’s rare these days to see any athlete play their entire career with one team. Helton did it for 17 years and has no regrets.

Todd Helton represents everything a sports fan wants a player to be. He’s a hard worker, makes a difference during a game, is a part of the community off the field, and is most importantly, classy.

Enjoy your horse Todd Helton. Thank you for 17 amazing years of baseball.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]