[Concept PC] The Dell XPS Baton PC

Our computer hardware is changing almost every day it seems so when concepts like this one come along you have to wonder if in fact we won’t actually see something like it. With the Baton PC the basic idea is that the cylinder; or baton, contains two roll out flexible screens. When being transported around the OLED screens roll back up in the baton. When they are pulled out an electrical charge is sent down the screen making them rigid and useable as a laptop.

If you just want to use it as an e-reader then just roll out one of the screens. Should want to use it from a desk you just plop it into the docking station which is attached to a regular monitor and keyboard. As pretty cool as it all sounds I have visions of some-one buying it only to wake up one morning to find their kids using to play fetch with the dog.

[hat tip to SlipperyBrick]