Shhh. AT&T Letting Customers Quietly Pick Up iPhone Unlimited Plans

AT&T is acting like the scared kid on the playground who just met the bigger bully. It’s being reported that the company is allowing iPhone customers to slip back onto unlimited phone plans in an attempt to keep them from jumping ship to Verizon Wireless.

Last Summer AT&T killed their unlimited data plans, instead offering 200MB plans for $15 and 2GB plans for $25, while every other GB costs $10. Now reports says customers who had unlimited data plans in the past are being offered that options to keep their contract alive.

Many customers who use streaming services, such as Pandora and YouTube were angered by the new plans which ends up costing them far more cash each month.

The unlimited plan costs $30 and we’re being told that threatening to leave the company for Verizon is the best way to immediately get unlimited data plan results.