Will Science Or Religion Destroy Mankind? Dawkins Says It Could Go Either Way [Video]

Most people seem to accept (somewhat gloomily) that humanity is racing not to progress or some idealized utopia, but to its own ignoble destruction. But since we are by and large very opinionated creatures, we'r not so much concerned with how to solve the problem of mankind's imminent destruction as we are with who we'll be able to blame for it.

And when it comes to the end of the world, there are two main culprits: Science and religion.

Chances are, you knew the answer before you finished that sentence. "Oh, science. Obviously," say those with all-too-often-hypocritical convictions and "pure faith" feels, knowing that no matter what happens, they're good enough to win the spiritual lottery when it all comes crashing down.

"You kidding? Religion," say the scientifically-enlightened, emboldened by the truth of "only what can be observed," who have long since cast off antiquated fairy tales (even whilst clinging to their own set of saints and holy texts).

Come to think of it, what does one of those very saints think of our chances of total annihilation, be it by the Bible or the bomb? Well, it could go either way, according to...

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins stopped by The Daily Show Tuesday to discuss whether science and religion will ever truly get along, and said that while he thinks they can, they'll both probably contribute to the destruction of humanity and likely within the next century.

Citing famed British Astronomer Sir Martin Rees, who gives humanity a 50/50 chance of surviving he 21st Century, Dawkins said, "one of the reasons is he fears that the fruits of scientific advancement — the bad fruits, things like dirty bombs, things like biological warfare — could get into the hands of religious fanatics, who unlike all other terrorists, actually want to die."

"So, to the question you asked," he concluded, "probably both."

So what do you think? Science of religion?

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