Anderson Silva Promises To Knock Out Chris Weidman At UFC 168

Anderson Silva is planning his revenge against Chris Weidman, and said he plans to knock out the new middleweight champion at UFC 168.

Silva, who said a “new Anderson” will be entering the Octagon in December, also said that there were three titles more important to him than being a UFC champion: husband, father, and son.

“It’s normal. It’s the game, but my family is normal,” he said during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “This is more important for me—my sons, my wife, my brothers and dad. Other people, whatever.”

The Spider also reflected on his long MMA history and said he feels like he doesn’t have anything left to prove.

“I’m working hard for a long time,” he said. “My big goal is to train the kids and new athletes coming. I’m normal guy. Sometimes I have good day, sometimes I don’t have good day. People will have the new chance to see the real Anderson.”

Silva also said he already had a Christmas present for Weidman.

“I [will] give back the knockout,” he said. “I’m working hard now. Chris is the new champion and is a great fighter, but I’m training hard. The new Anderson is coming.”

After initially saying that he didn’t want to fight for the title after his loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva said he is excited for a rematch. He also said that it wasn’t the first time he lost a fight, even though it was the first time he had ever been knocked out. It took some prodding from UFC president Dana White and his coach for him to agree.

“I went back to the hotel, and Dana talked to me three days [later]. ‘It’s really important for your legacy,’ he said. ‘We need you back for the rematch,’” Silva said. “My coach said, ‘yes, it’s very important. One more fight, one more chance for the fans watch you fight for the belt.’”

Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman will meet again at UFC 168 on December 28.

[Photo credit: Tiago Hammil / Flickr]