Justin Bieber’s New Bible Tattoo Is Timely And Timeless

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo.

Yes, nations rise and fall, seasons will change, and friends may come and go — but ink is forever.

A back shot of the Biebs at his Monday closing party show for the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix revealed a tattoo of biblical text on the teen’s right shoulder.

It reads: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path,” and is a quote from Psalm 119:105.

Justin’s new tattoo takes its place among his ever-expanding body art collection, much of which is religious-themed.

The openly Christian star has at least two inkings of the word “Jesus,” an image of Christ wearing a crown of thorns on his left calf, and a picture of praying hands amid roses marked on his skin.

Bieber also has a “crown” on his torso, his mother’s birth date in Roman numerals across another part of his chest, an Indian head logo of a Canadian ice hockey team, a likeness of his mom’s eye on his inner elbow, and his first tattoo — a seagull — indelibly stamped on his hip.

In addition, the “Beauty and A Beat” singer has a knight in shining armor, waves, a Koi carp, a tiger, an “angel” many think resembles ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, an owl, an “X,” and the word “Believe” received in June 2012 to celebrate the release of his same name album.

Justin Bieber Has A New Tattoo

All of which brings the singer’s tat count to somewhere around 21, or possibly more. According to some reports, that’s 12 new tattoos since the beginning of the year.

Back in June, Justin was already rocking an almost full sleeve on his left arm, so it was only a matter of time before he made further inroads to other areas.

As previously mused here at IQ, on the few occasions the pop prince or his oft-tattooist (Kevin “Big Bang” McCurdy) have spoken about his inkings, they have revealed meaning and purpose behind the tattoos.

Justin Bieber Goes Mad On Instagram, Posts Boatload Of Images

via @justinbieber Instagram

Considering Bieber’s dramatic 2013 and recent reports of an alleged rift with his allegedly former house-guests, Lil Twist and Lil Za, it’s perhaps not surprising the singer chose to have biblical text permanently applied.

Multiple reports claim the pop star has ordered his (former?) buddies to vacate his Calabasas, California homes after jewelry and other personal items allegedly went missing earlier this month.

TMZ stresses Bieber doesn’t believe his friends have anything to do with the alleged theft but claim he is furious that goods went missing while Lil Za and Lil Twist were living at his home. It’s claimed the pair threw parties at the star’s mansion while he was touring.

However, around two hours after the story broke the singer posted an blank Instagram captioned, “Don’t listen to em I still got all my jewelry.” Justin subsequently deleted that post.

As recently as last month, the 19-year-old revealed he had an emotional experience during a New York City church service held by his friend Pastor Carl Lentz, afterwards tweeting:

It’s possible the guidance contained in Bieber’s new tattoo may already be having effect. Following Miley Cyrus’ damaging comments about the heartthrob in a new Rolling Stone piece, the “Beauty and A Beat” star responded to a later supportive tweet from the songstress, writing:

Meanwhile, the pop prince is in Thailand with his Believe tour ahead of a concert tonight.

Further Asia dates follow before the tour hits Latin America from October and then Australasia for the final leg of the mammoth 15-month trek.

Watch footage of Justin’s arrival in Bangkok below.

[Tattoo Image via Shirly Hamra]