Bryan Cranston Returning To ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Bryan Cranston will be returning to How I Met Your Mother.

Cranston is currently starring on the hit AMC show Breaking Bad but Walter White’s meth empire officially crumbles to the dust this Sunday. But don’t worry, Cranston won’t be absent from the TV screen for too long. He’ll be reprising his role as Hammond Druthers sometime this Fall.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cranston is currently booked for one episode.

The Emmy Award winning actor was last seen on How I Met Your Mother in the show’s second season. Cranston played Ted’s former boss Hammond Druthers.

CBS writes: “In season 2 of How I Met Your Mother, Cranston played Hammond Druthers, a boss turned ex-co-worker at the architectural firm where Ted worked. Fans may best know him for being the owner of a 3 timed autographed Pete Rose baseball who was fired after his phallic building project was refused by a client. Eventually Ted became his boss and ultimately ended up firing him.”

That puts Cranston in a strangely familiar situation. Will the actor be out for revenge on Ted Mosby? Do you think How I Met Your Mother will reference Breaking Bad during Cranston’s episode?

Here’s a look at Bryan Cranston from the last time he was on HIMYM.