Man Saves Own Life, Designs His Own Heart Implant

Tal Golesworthy was close to death, he suffers from a condition known as Marfan Syndrome, which causes the heart’s aorta to expand until it ruptures. Unlike most patients, Golesworthy wasn’t going to sit by and idly wait for a miracle, instead he developed a replica of his own aorta.

Users an MRI machine, CAD and rapid prototyping technologies, Tal was able to create a 3D model of his aorta, at which time he worked with doctors for two years to create special polymer coatings for the product.

What Tal was eventually left with was a sleeve that fit over his own aorta, ensuring that it wouldn’t rupture.

Not only is he alive today, his heart is actually healthier than it was before the procedure, with the sleeve helping stop blood clots that could have occurred using more traditional methods.

Since taking the initiative 23 patients have successfully underwent the same procedure, while 7 more patients are currently preparing for the same treatment.