'Breaking Bad' Actress Krysten Ritter 'Still Rooting' For Walter White

Krysten Ritter, who played Jane on Breaking Bad back in season 2, said she is "still rooting" for Walter White -- even though he watched her character die and did nothing to help.

In a essay for Vulture, Ritter wrote that she had nothing against Walter despite all the terrible things he's done since becoming Heisenberg.

"You'd think I'd bear Walt some serious ill will considering he sat there and watched Jane die, but I'm still rooting for everything to work out for the guy," she wrote.

"Every week that goes by, a few more 'Team Walter White' members drop off -- still addicted to the show, but no longer on his side... But I'm still holding tight and I'm not ready to get off the roller coaster," she added.

Ritter also said she had no idea the impact that Jane's death would have on the show and on Walter. While her death has immediate repercussions, it wasn't until "Ozymandias" that Jesse finally learned that Walter had a hand in Jane's demise.

"I remember thinking it was pretty f**ked up that Walt would just let a young girl — me, for all intents and purposes — die in front of him, but I certainly didn't realize that it would be such a pivotal moment for the show and for Walter White," she wrote. "That decision was his turning point and there was no going back."

The Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 star also said that filming Jane's death "was such a scary and powerful thing to experience when, technically, I wasn't supposed to be experiencing anything."

The 31-year-old said she watches Breaking Bad every Sunday and that she feels "every episode should be served with about a pound of Xanax."

The Breaking Bad series finale airs this Sunday. Titled "Felina," the episode will be "supersized" to 75 minutes.