Syracuse Teen Beats Elderly Man, Celebrates At 7-Eleven

A Syracuse teen beat an elderly man over the weekend and then proceeded to celebrate the attack inside the 7-Eleven.

Romeo Williams, 18, was arrested for battery after the beating of James Gifford, 70, which left the elderly man in critical condition. At a news conference Monday morning, police chief Frank Fowler and Mayor Stephanie Miner said the teen has been taken into custody.

Just after 6am in the morning of the incident, James Gifford was leaving the store with his usual newspaper and doughnuts when Romeo Williams hit him in the face for no reason. Then he proceeded to go inside the store and celebrate the attack after which he left and then continued to assault the now-unconscious elderly man. Four of the Syracuse teen’s friends witnessed the attack and then pulled him off the elderly man now lying severely injured in the parking lot.

Sergeant Thomas Connellan said that Romeo Williams celebrated the assault by removing his hat, holding it over his head, and smiling.

The Syracuse teen who beat the elderly man in front of the 7-Eleven was caught on camera, and his friends have agreed to cooperate with police. In return, they will not be charged with helping Romeo Williams in his unprovoked attack.

This is not the first time Romeo Williams has been arrested, as he has been involved in 14 acts of criminal conduct, including violence, in his life. Two of his felonies involved the use of firearms. His father was furious with the teen, saying he was on “molly and water” at the time of the incident.

Romeo Williams was processed in the Syracuse City Court on Monday, where the judge entered a “not guilty” plea on his behalf. He is now in Onondaga County jail with a $100,000 cash bail and will face the court again on September 27. The District Attorney’s office says that the case will go before a Grand Jury, with possible additional charges.

James Gifford is said to be a gentle man who would never hurt anyone, and did not know the teen beforehand.

Apparently the Syracuse teen who beat the elderly man and celebrated is a long-time offender and should most likely be put away for a long time.