Roosevelt Shooter Named Sang Ho Kim: One Dead After Shooting Suspect Hides In Field Mall

The Roosevelt shooter Sang Ho Kim is not dead yet according to reports, but the Roosevelt shooting suspect fled into the Roosevelt Field Mall after shooting two victims.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Roosevelt shooter is still active, with people afraid more shootings could follow.

The Roosevelt Field Mall shooting actually didn’t take place inside the mall itself. The Roosevelt shooting started when Sang Ho Kim shot two employees at 645 South St in Nassau County, New York. One of the two shooting victims has already died. The other victims is said to be in critical condition at Nassau University Medical Center.

Both victims are said to have worked for the same company in the one-story building. 62-year-old Sang Ho Kim was a vendor with the company and the Roosevelt shooting started over a bad business deal.

Since Sang Ho Kim is a disgruntled employee involved in a workplace shooting it’s said he could be a danger to anyone around him. Still, police do not consider Sang Ho Kim an “active shooter”:

“This does not seem to be an active shooter, the place of business seems to have been targeted.”

The Roosevelt shooter Sang Ho Kim happened to be near the Roosevelt Field Mall so he fled into the neighboring buildings. So far, no actual Roosevelt Field Mall shootings have been reported.

Nassau police detective Vincent Garcia reports the Roosevelt shooter Sang Ho Kim as being “an Asian male, approximately 6’2″, wearing a red shirt and a gray or brown suit jacket.” Other reports claims the Roosevelt shooter fled to the mall in a Honda Pilot with the registration numbers FMA 3648.

One witness describe the Roosevelt shooting as chaotic:

“The cops came racing by a minute later and told me to get inside. People were running around. It was pretty chaotic. Cops were everywhere and people were running.”

After the Roosevelt shooting, the Roosevelt Field Mall was on lockdown along with all schools in the district. Police have not yet evacuated the mall. The lockdown was eventually released around 12:40 PM, but no new people were allowed to enter.

Hopefully, Sang Ho Kim won’t escape in the chaos. So far, no more details about the potential Roosevelt shooter have been released since the initial reports on the Roosevelt Field Mall shooting. But police are organizing a manhunt for the Roosevelt shooter Sang Ho Kim.