Pakistan: New Island Created By Earthquake

Pakistan’s new island is the result of a deadly earthquake. The 7.7 quake injured 450 and killed nearly 300 residents of southwestern Pakistan. The force was so tremendous, a new island was formed.

The earthquake caused extensive damage and casualties in the remote Awaran district. The tremors crumbled numerous buildings and homes, trapping residents inside.

Doctors have responded to the area. However, the remote villages lack supplies and manpower. As reported by CBS News, members of the community are working together to treat the injured and build temporary shelters.

They are also tasked with removing bodies from the rubble.

Noor Ahmad was away from home when the earthquake struck. When he returned, his home was destroyed. Ahmad had to sift through the debris to find the bodies of his wife and son:

“I’m broken. I have lost my family.”

Ahmed is not alone. Most of the homes are built with sticks and mud, or hand-made clay bricks. They simply were not built to withstand an earthquake. Many communities were completely destroyed.

Amid the destruction, residents noticed something new on the horizon. Off the south coast of Pakistan, a new island had formed.

As reported by ABC News, the island is close to 200 feet long. A fisherman witnessed the island being formed. He says it did not suddenly appear out of the water. He said the process was more gradual.

Villagers are calling the island a miracle amid the devastation.

Jan Mohammad Bulaidi with the provincial government says the remote villages are “very difficult to reach.” Thankfully, help is on the way.

A convoy of 60 military trucks is currently traveling to the area with supplies, food, and temporary housing. Helicopters have also been dispatched to deliver supplies.

Rescue workers and doctors are among the 1,000 troops responding to the district.

Scientists have not determined whether Pakistan’s new island is permanent. However, it has provided residents with a welcome distraction.

[Image via Fotocommunity]