Dr. Drew Reveals Prostate Cancer Secret

Dr. Drew Pinsky is usually the one treating, but a bout with prostate cancer thrust the TV doc into the role he’s usually playing opposite — patient.

While Dr. Drew tends to work with addiction and recovery issues on his Celebrity Rehab, the mental health expert suffered a stress crisis of his own when he learned he had prostate cancer.

And while he managed to keep his own downtime short, Pinsky is now opening up about his illness and the surgery he underwent to battle the form of cancer he’d had for two years.

Dr. Drew’s prostate cancer fight was revealed Tuesday, and the star says that a few months back, he had surgery to treat the condition during a holiday period.

He explained that the treatment left him suffering and unable to perform basic tasks, recalling:

“While many of you were celebrating the Fourth of July, I was at home on my couch recovering from a radical robotic prostatectomy. Four hours of surgery had left me in great pain, without an appetite, and in need of help from my college-age son, Jordan, to get up and lie down. But I was cancer-free for the first time in at least two years.”

Despite Dr. Drew’s painful recovery, he managed to stay away from work for less than two weeks — and he says he’s now optimistic about his prognosis:

“The only remnant of cancer surgery is six small scars on my torso. They are fading fast. I’m hopeful I am cured.”

Dr. Drew was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2011.