Krokodil: Flesh Eating Drug Reported In Arizona

Krokodil, a flesh eating drug, has been uncovered in Arizona.

Apparently originating in Russia, the designer drug Krokodil has been discovered to actually eat human flesh. No jokes about a zombie apocalypse, as the images of people affected by the Russian designer drug are quite disturbing. Google it if you must, but we're warning you: it's gross.

Just this past week, two cases were reported in Arizona, but this may just be the tip of the iceberg as several more may have yet to be made public, and it could easily make its way to other states if the trend continues.

The way the drug works is that codeine is mixed with various kinds of fuel where the mixture is then processed and injected into a vein. Even a small amount of the substance is potentially lethal, as the drug is literally part fuel, a flammable and corrosive substance. When the substance is supposedly extracted, one thinks the fuel is gone, but the mixture has already done its damage.

Krokodil is a flesh eating drug that doctors discovered when two users so far most likely showed up in the emergency room with half of their limb gone, bone and muscle showing through clear as day. Users can even develop skin texture resembling that of a crocodile, hence the name, due to blood vessels bursting and leaving the skin green and scaly. As it is, the drug literally rots the flesh from the inside.

Repeated use causes the flesh to practically fall off and hardens the skin. Basically, any part of the flesh exposed to the drug will simply start dying. The average user will only live another two or three years, and, if they manage to quit, they are left horribly disfigured.

Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at Banner's Poison Control Center, says the two cases he's encountered are probably linked. He also hopes the condition doesn't continue to appear and has declined to comment on his patients' conditions and details. Just know that the outcome is quite ugly and grotesque.

Hopefully, drug users will stop using Krokodil, the flesh eating drug, before the problem goes widespread. Or, better yet, just don't do drugs.