Thurman Winston Obituary Features Twist Ending, Delights Reddit [Pic]

A man named Thurman Winston is the latest to get a humorous obituary after he recently departed this mortal coil, with a pic of the alleged legacy writing proving popular amid the users of Reddit.

In the Thurman Winston obituary, a recently deceased man is remembered as a husband, father, congregant and stand-up guy, his life summarized for funeral attendees as they gathered to recall the man who was apparently a good guy… with a long memory and extreme follow through.

The writing explains a bit about who Winston was in life, with tidbits like:

“Thurman moved his family home to Spencer so his kids could experience the love of their remaining grandparents… He has a passion for cars, motorcycles and entertaining family and friends, hunting, fishing and remodeling. His motto: ‘Accomplish what you can because tomorrow ain’t promised.’ “

But the obituary of Thurman Winston didn’t stop there, according to Reddit user u/dickbynature, who claims the piece was authored by a “pissed off widow.”

As the obit wraps up, the remembrance of Thurman Winston gets a bit dark, and the piece concludes:

“He stayed busy. He leaves to cherish his memories of his wife, children and grandkids, a host of backstabbing mother f*****s that still owe him money.”

thurman winston obituary

It’s not entirely clear whether the bit in Thurman Winston’s obituary was just a joke, a genuine wish of the departed, or whether the writing was conceived completely to amuse and is not an actual reflection of reality. Do you think the funny obituary trend is a way to lighten a sad day, or is it in poor taste?