Gerard Butler And Geoffrey Rush To Star In ‘Gods Of Egypt’

Scottish actor Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush are joining director Alex Proyas in the mythology film Gods Of Egypt.

The title is self explanatory, but not much is known about the story line at this point. For Proyas, this is somewhat of a departure from previous projects which include sci-fi films such as I, Robot and Dark City, he also directed the dark revenge movie The Crow, in 1994.

We can assume Gods Of Egypt will be about the disputes between the most powerful gods in Egyptian mythology, and even though there is not set date for production to start, this casting news is a positive development that the film is moving forward, according to reporting from Screen Rant.

The ever reliable Deadline has some additional pieces of information that are worth noting. Gerard Butler (300) is currently in talks to play Set, the god of storms, deserts, and foreigners.

According to Egyptian mythology, Set was an usurper who killed and mutilated his brother, Osiris. This sets (no pun intended) the stage for Osiris’ son, Horus became Set’s enemy.

This is a popular hate triangle in mythology and comes back to the revenge theme which the director has explored in film, with The Crow.

Alex Proyas hasn’t had good luck tackling epic projects recently after his adaptation of John Milton’s novel, Paradise Lost, was scrapped by Legendary Pictures over budget concerns.

The story is considered by many unfilmable and the studio seems to agree with the assessment. Now, with the additional casting of Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush, two big names in the industry, it looks as if Proyas is on his way to finally making an epic film.

No release date has been announced and we can expect more casting news to be shared with the public in the near future. Gerard Butler is set to voice Stoick the Vast in the animated film How To Train Your Dragon 2, which premieres in 2014.