Indian Rape PSA Explains To Women ‘It’s Your Fault’ [Video]

A new rape PSA out of India is pulling no punches with the rampantly rape-responsible female population of the country, explaining how the way females dress, their lack of or presence of male company, and other factors like chow mein and cellphones are driving the country’s rape problem.

Citing studies that show that women are responsible for “100 percent” of all rapes, an all female comedy troupe advises women to take precautions against rape — such as not wearing shorts, skirts, burqas, astronaut gear, or hazmat suits.

The troupe, All India Bakchod, released the rape blaming PSA to highlight the issue in India of women causing their own rapes, simply by being female.

Kalki Koechlin explains of the “It’s Your Fault” rape PSA:

“We were worried about people not understanding the sarcasm. It’s a sensitive topic and we were anxious that it might backfire… humor is a fantastic way to deal with a serious subject. You are making people uncomfortable, but at the same time you are not preaching or forcing views down their throat.”

Luckily, the message seems to have penetrated — and the troupe plans to translate the rape PSA into more languages to drive the point home further:

“Hopefully, we will have a Hindi version out soon and others will follow… As long as we keep the conversation going and we don’t forget about the problems that we have, it will help. And the debate causes some change.”

Watch the “It’s Your Fault” rape PSA out of India above — do you feel such a message helps men and women understand the complex issues that worsen the issues surrounding rape?