Pregnant Inmate Manages To Escape Prison Twice In One Week

Lexington, KY – Ashley Marler, a prison inmate who is 4 months pregnant, managed a pretty daring feat last week. She escaped prison. Twice.

Hopefully this is adapted to humorous effect in the next season of Orange Is the New Black.

The 31-year-old was given a medical pass to visit a doctor at the Polk-Dalton Medical Center on September 16, and was to be in at noon and return to the prison 30 minutes after the appointment ended, according to court documents. If she didn’t come back, a warrant for her arrest would be issued.

She escaped, but was caught the very next day and charged.

She was approved to go back to the clinic on Monday, presumably after pinky-swearing in court that she wouldn’t try any of the funny stuff again and being reminded that she had a court date for her first escape attempt that she couldn’t miss.

While at the clinic for a second time, Marler allegedly climbed into the ceiling and crawled out of the clinic while only wearing a towel and a white t-shirt.

She was supposed to be in court yesterday, September 24th, to answer for her first escape attempt. You tell me if she made it.

Marler is still at large, and law enforcement authorities are split pretty evenly between looking for her and trying to figure out how exactly she managed to escape for the second time.

She is currently charged with two counts of receiving stolen property and second degree escape. If you’re in the Lexington area and spot a woman wearing a towel and a t-shirt, you should call someone. Marler is not considered dangerous.

[Image: Shutterstock]