Madonna Reunites With Ex Flame Sean Penn, Performs Song [Video]

Back in the 80s Madonna and Sean Penn were inseparable. They were the couple you couldn't pull your eyes away from. Once described as a volatile train wreck, the two seemed to have made amends.

Madonna and Sean Penn reunited at the Secret Project Screening in New York City. It was an event that held a bevy of stars. Aside from ex lovers Madonna and Penn, Lindsay Lohan, Anderson Cooper, Steven Klein, and Rocco were also among the faces that showed up the screening in New York.

The event was to promote the singer's short film, which is being described as top-secret. In a statement Madonna said of the film that she's trying to, "further freedom of expression and protest persecution."

That said, it was a special night for Madonna, and it seems like she wanted to spend that night in the presence of her ex husband Sean Penn. Despite Madonna being taken by her much younger boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, Penn was seen with his arm drapped around the singer, while posing for pictures.

During the event, Madonna was pulled up on stage and dragged by two "cops", which led into a performance of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars." The performance exposed raw vocals that we haven't heard from Madonna in some time.

It's not a huge surprise that Madonna would reunite with Sean Penn. According to Madonna's close friend Debi Mazar, Penn is and always will be the love of Madonna's life. It surely seems that way as the two have spent time a part, but have been reunited throughout their marriage troubles with other people. Sean Penn went through years of marriage problems with actress Robin Wright, while Madonna endured her own troubles with now ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Despite all of her hits Madonna chose Smith's song, which isn't well-known, but seemed to suit her reunion with Penn. The lyrics could very well hint that Madonna is very much still in love with Sean Penn:

"Keep you apart, deep in my heart. Separate from the rest, where I like you the best. And keep the things you forgot."

The pair were married from 1985 to 1989 until the couple filed for divorce following a somewhat violent marriage. At one point Penn was charged with domestic assault after a fight with the MDNA pop singer. The charge reportedly led to their divorce in 1989.

Although they have been divorced for more than two decades, it seems like Sean Penn and Madonna's love and respect for each other is still alive. According to sources close to the singer, "They've remained close friends." The source continued having said, "Madonna's friends wish she'd get back with Sean. He will always be the love of her life."

Do you think Sean Penn and Madonna will ever reunite?

Check out Madonna's secret short: