Food Fight At Whataburger: Students Apologize [Video]

A food fight at Whataburger drew national attention when a video went viral. Students from Brandeis and O’Connor high schools started the brawl over a football game. The San Antonio, Texas, schools are bitter rivals.

Brandeis won the game 12-10. To celebrate the game, the burger chain welcomed students will balloons, streamers, and banners. Unfortunately, the celebration turned into a messy brawl.

As reported by Daily News, students from both schools showed up at the Loop 1604 location. In the beginning, the taunting was verbal. However, it soon turned into a massive food fight. Whataburger employees were stunned.

The dining room became a battle ground with food, drinks, and trays, being used as weapons. When the students were done, they simply left the building.

Whataburger employees were forced to close the dining room. It took the them at least 30 minutes to clean up the disaster.

School board spokesman Pascual Gonzalez says campus administrators have reviewed surveillance video to identify the students. They are in full cooperation with the restaurant management and local law enforcement.

Gonzalez says once the students are identified, they will face school suspension and possible criminal charges.

As reported by KENS5 News, students and principals from both schools personally apologized to restaurant employees for the food fight. Whataburger accepted their apologies and issued a statement:

“We understand that this act was an emotional moment between a small group of students… The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and O’Connor students… we’re also committed to continuing the partnership and support both high schools.”

Although the food fight certainly caused a big mess, the burger chain has forgiven the students’ behavior. However, it is unclear whether they will be suspended or face criminal charges for the damage. It is unknown who started the brawl.

Most importantly, nobody was injured in the food fight at Whataburger.

[Image via Flickr]