‘Puppy Doe’ Tortured, Murdered, Facebook Group Seeks Animal Abuser

The hunt for the abusers of “Puppy Doe,” a deceased dog whose plight has launched a Facebook page gone viral, has been attracting fans in the thousands this morning as the story wends its way around the social network.

Please be warned: the details of Puppy Doe’s life and demise are not for the faint hearted. They are rage inducing, as well as nauseating, and so far more than 30,000 people have signed up to find the killer and abuser of the Boston canine.

The Facebook Page “Justice For Puppy Doe” explains in part that a necropsy revealed a ton of abuse and neglect suffered by the pet during his short life, and the post reads in small part:

“In my opinion and with a reasonable degree of medical certainty, this dog suffered from ‘battered pet syndrome,’ a deliberate abuse condition characterized by multiple fractures, dislocations and soft tissue injuries from a variety of causes in a variety of stages of healing. The orthopedic evidence suggests she suffered violent and forceful events of non accidental origin (fractures, dislocations, bone remodeling in response to trauma, suggestions of bone infections due to repeated trauma) at 24 distinct and associated sites over a period of months to years.”

It continues:

“Periosteal reaction of bone at the top of the head and left humerus are suggestive of old and repetitive trauma. The blood clot in her thorax is an indication of recent blunt force trauma to her chest. The more recent soft tissue injuries, and elbow injury are days old, and other bony and soft tissue injuries are of varying ages. The split to the tongue is suggestive of a healed, non-accidental injury. The burns to the nose and stab wound to the eye are distinct injuries.”

A page for the pup notes that Puppy Doe was so abused, it appeared he’d been struck by a car — the vet says:

“If you know anything, please call. Just please call. We really, really desperately need to know who did this. They need help.”

The full Puppy Doe post is both upsetting and infuriating, and you can read it embedded below — are familiar with Puppy Doe? Are you from the Boston area, and can you help find justice for him?