‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Made Dying Boy’s Wish Come True

Breaking Bad’s creator Vince Gilligan made a dying boy’s wish come true in last week’s episode.

As the series nears the end, the writers are trying to tie lose ends one of which is whatever happened to Gretchen and Elliot.

When Walter White was ready to turn himself in, during the last episode, he was at a bar and saw an interview with his former business partners on the Charlie Rose show.

That scene, right there, came courtesy of a courageous young 16-year-old boy who tragically passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Kevin Cordasco was a huge fan of the show and received more than one visit from Gilligan and the cast. During one of these visits the hit show’s creator offered to tell Kevin how the show ended, but he declined, saying he planned to live to see it.

Sadly, Kevin passed away last spring without getting his wish, but Breaking Bad honored the youngster who had told Gilligan he would like to know more about Gretchen and Elliot.

Not only that, the first episode of this last season was dedicated to the brave youngster.

“Kevin, who was our wonderful, No. 1 fan… he told me that first day I spent with him, visiting him, he told me what he liked about the show and I said, ‘Is there something you feel is missing from the show?'” Gilligan said on the “Breaking Bad Insider” podcast. “He said, ‘You know what, I want to know more about Gretchen and Elliott. I want to know more about Walt’s back story with them. I want to know what happened.'”

Gilligan added: “I can’t promise you you will ever get your complete knowledge of that situation to your total satisfaction, but the very fact that Kevin mentioned Gretchen and Elliott led us — the writers and I — to reintroduce them, reincorporate them into the story.”

Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter said on the podcast, “It works as a catalyst.”

While Peter Gould, who wrote and directed the episode added, “Walt seems to change his mind there. He’s all ready to get caught, and then he sees the video…”

In the end, Breaking Bad’s young fan Kevin Cordasco unknowingly had a lasting impact on the way the series ended up. Hopefully he is watching.