September 24, 2013
Yankees Missing Bobbleheads On Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Night

To celebrate Mariano Rivera's retirement, the Yankees chose Tuesday night as Mariano Rivera bobblehead night. The only problem is there were no bobbleheads.

Before the game the Yankees were expecting their shipment of 18,000 Mariano River bobbleheads to arrive. When they found out the delivery was running late they tried to make fans wait. As the line of fans got out of hand though, the team printed out vouchers and let people into the stadium.

Amidst the anger and confusion by the less than patient New York crowd, the team posted a message on their jumbotron, "The 1st 18,000 guests in attendance are receiving a voucher for a Mariano Rivera bobblehead. We will provide additional information on how to redeem your voucher during tonight's game. We thank you for patience and understanding."

So where were the Yankees missing Mariano Rivera bobbleheads?

According to New York Daily News sports writer Peter Botte, the toys were en route when the delivery truck broke down in new jersey.

The season hasn't been kind to the Yankees. Why would it start on a free giveaway night?

Shortly after the game started, the Mariano Rivera bobbleheads arrived. The Yankees made them available to fans after the third inning.

Botte tweeted a picture of his:

Tomorrow is Charlie Brown bobblehead at Yankee Stadium. We can only assume the team is making a number of high profile calls to make sure they don't arrive late. You just can't take the chance of a fan riot.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]