Illinois Concealed Carry: Will It Reduce Gun Crime?

From January 2014 Illinois will be the last state to allow the concealed carrying of weapons. The issue at the moment is that there are only 54 registered instructors who can train citizens on how to handle their weapons.

The Illinois State Police say they have received around 1,000 applications from people wanting to be instructors. Monique Bond, a spokesperson for the agency, said she is: “confident that there will be enough instructors to provide training for prospective applicants.”

Back in July it was decided that anyone in the state of Illinois can carry a concealed firearm in public but first has to complete a 16 hour training course from a trainer who is state approved. At the moment this is a little tricky as the 54 registered instructors can’t handle the demand.

Bond said that instructors could begin training once the state’s approved curriculum goes live. The police will then start giving concealed carry applications on January 5.

One approved instructor Gregory Coyle, said that he has already been contacted by people online. He said that at this stage in the game people cannot be officially trained until the curriculum is released.

He said: “I’ve got people calling me about training, and I can’t tell them anything yet.”

What is your opinion about the new Illinois concealed carry laws? And what about the principle of carrying a concealed weapon in general? Do you think it will reduce gun crime or increase it? Share your thoughts in the feed below.