Handyscope iPhone Attachment Turns Your Phone Into A Dermatoscope

Handyscope wants your iPhone to do more than play a mean game of Angry Birds, they want it to act as a mobile dermatoscope.

The attachment and accompanying iPhone app work with 3GS and iPhone 4 models and turns your phone into a mobile skin examination center.

Users simply take pictures of their problem skin areas using the attachment and those pictures can then be magnified up to 20X and sent directly to the doctors office, allowing for a quick review of your problem areas.

The attachment isn’t cheap at approximately $1582 (€1,166) plus $11.99 for the app, but it could save your life from skin cancer or other flesh eating issues that may arise.

In the meantime, a special thanks to FotoFinder Systems for developing an app and attachment that might actually do some good, which is more than I can say to the life force sucking, time wasting Angry Birds…with that said I’m about to go play Angry Birds on my Macbook Pro.