Silvio Berlusconi's Fiancee Francesca Pascale Fell In Love With Him As A Teenager

Francesca Pascale, Silvio Berlusconi's fiancee who at 28 years-old is 49 years younger than the billionaire, has confirmed that she fell in love with the tycoon when she was just a teenager.

The pair took part in a duel interview with GQ magazine, where Miss Pascale confirmed that she plans to marry the disgraced former Italian Prime Minister.

"I was a little girl when I got it into my head that I wanted to marry him, I asked if I could leave him my telephone number, I even asked for his as well. He told me 'You're very pushy'."

Berlusconi was still married to his second wife, Veronica Lario, at the time, and Miss Pascale's parents weren't too please too. Francesca added, "They said they admired him as well but they also said 'He's old enough to be your father'."'

Berlusconi even warned Miss Pascale about pursuing him, and told her, "It's out of the question, you are too young. I can't give you the future you deserve."

Pascale continues to defend Berlusconi despite the fact that he was recently accused of paying for an underage prostitute and participating in Bunga Bunga parties.

Miss Pascale continued, "Women were throwing themselves at him but he was going through a period of disillusionment and inability of showing true love for a woman. In his eyes I was deluded, a dreamer. It wasn't easy for me. I didn't go to those dinners (parties) because I would not have been able to contain myself."

She then added, "At first I would just satisfy myself by being close to him, to spend time with him, I had to bite my tongue but now love has taken me to the happiness I feel today. I sought him out, I courted him and I made him fall in love with me. I practically did everything and still do - all he has to do is say yes."

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