HTC Merge Shows Up With Alltel Branding

If current rumors are correct, the HTC Merge device that just emerged with Alltel branding will debut on the cellular network by the end of next month (February), despite rumors it would first debut with Verizon branding.

The Merge was originally rumored to debut on the Verizon network by the end of 2010, however the device eventually disappeared completely, only to resurface with Alltel branding.

Rumors surrounding the device say it needed to be reconfigured for LTE network use, but was then left off Verizon’s first 4G promotional campaigns, leading to speculation that it would appear elsewhere.

Reports point to a 3.7 inch touchscreen display (800 x 480 or higher pixels of resolution) for the device with a Snapdragon CPU, while pictures show a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

There is still no Alltel pricing or availability information and Verizon Wireless has not commented on whether the device will still appear on their network at a later date.