A few thoughts on Jay Cutler

Let me start this by saying I am no Jay Cutler fan, but I really think the criticism over his very real injury was pretty unfair. My major complaints about how Jay acted yesterday was once he was injured he was not on his sideline talking with his team, propping them up or helping the third string QB with reads or anything. He seemed pretty disinterested. I don’t like Cutler because I don’t think he is a very good player, and now I do not think he is a very good teammate.

I think we are seeing a pattern developing here. When everything is great Jay is a pretty good QB, teammate and person. When things get tough I don’t see him steeping up and putting forth more effort to make things ok. I think he is not mentally tough enough to play the QB position. Think about it, when Josh McDaniels came to Denver instead of trying to make it work, he demanded a trade. Yesterday with a real injury he disconnected from his team.

Now I don’t think NFL players who were not playing on Championship Sunday should have been on Twitter dissing Cutler. I also don’t think we can actually say hey Phillip Rivers or Drew Brees played with this same injury. I don’t think any of that is fair, Jay was hurt and the Bears made a decision that he was not going to play. However his behavior afterwards was really disturbing.

Now I am around football a lot, not only he NFL or UFL but in the semi pro ranks as well. I have seen a lot of players get injured and I can judge what kind of people they are by how the react to it. I have seen football players injured on the sideline becoming the team’s biggest cheerleader. Yesterday I saw Jay Cutler quit on his team.

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