Kenya Mall Shooting: Boy May Have Saved Family By Standing Up To Gunmen

The Kenya mall shooting proved to be fatal, killing many. One boy, however, may have saved his family by standing up to a terrorist gunman.

According to Time, four-year-old Elliott Prior, from Windsor in southeast England,stood up to one of the gunman and telling him: “You’re a very bad man.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Westgate Shopping Center in Nairobi, Kenya was attacked Saturday.

According to CNN, as of Tuesday, the stand off has finally ended after five terrorist were killed and 11 others where arrested over possible connections to the attack.

The report continued on to say that there where “at least 61 civilian deaths, six dead security officers and some 175 injuries. Sixty-two people remain hospitalized, he said. The Kenya Red Cross was reporting 62 deaths.”

According to Time, Prior’s mom, Amber, said she and her children had stopped at the mall to buy milk and were caught in the middle of the gunfire.

They were hiding under a meat counter when one of the terrorists found them and shot her in the upper leg.

The Independent reported that the man understood and took pity on Elliott and his six-year-old sister Amelie.

The gunman then allegedly gave the two kids a candy bar each, and allowed them to leave the mall.

The Independent stated that Amber was able to grab two more children, including a 12-year-old boy whose mother had been murdered, before leaving the mall and taking the children to safety.

The report continued on to say that the gunman reportedly called to Elliott saying the jihadists only wanted to kill Kenyans and Americans, not Britons, pleaded with Amber to convert to Islam and begged “please forgive me, we are not monsters.”

Elliott was very lucky to have been able to escape the Kenya mall shooting, especially with his family.