New Florida Trend: Leave Your Child In A Locked Car While You Party Hard In A Strip Club

If someone told you a story about a guy who left his kids locked in his car in a strip club parking lot while he went inside to blow off some steam, no one would blame you for thinking said guy is pretty much a scumbag. But perhaps even more frustrating and frightening than such a neglectful parent is the fact that it’s actually happening a lot lately in (where else?) Florida.

On Sunday, 25-year-old Jordan Caraway was arrested by police at 1:45 am for leaving a toddler boy in an unlocked pickup while he went inside a strip club for a few drinks.

The Smoking Gun reports that an employee at the strip club apparently spotted the toddler, who was covered in grease and dirt and dressed in filthy clothes, pressed against the inside window “visibly upset and crying hysterically.”

Somehow, it gets worse. The boy’s mother left him in Caraway’s care Saturday afternoon when she went to work. She called him later that night, and he told her he was at a party with the boy.

She later received a call from him asking her to pick up the kid at the strip club.

He also told cops that he had left a friend in charge of the toddler, but the friend he identified was actually in the strip club drinking with him.

And yes, like we said, this is happening a lot lately.

Raw Story reports that 26-year-old Kenneth Rowe, former NFL player Monty Ray Grow, and Edward Condry Jr. of Ft. Myers have all bee arrested specifically for abandoning children at strip clubs.

Rowe handed over a toddler to the clerk at the SHARKLOUNGE in Daytona Beach before disappearing into the club.

Grow left his 3-year-old daughter unattended while he went into a Clearwater strip club.

Condry Jr. left his 1-year-old in the car while visiting a strip club in Tampa.

Only in Florida. Is it the heat or something?

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